Taste the season
Lunch 3 courses £20.95 · 2 courses £16.95 · Tue-Sat
Dinner 3 courses £29.95 · 2 courses £25.95 · Tue-Fri
Tiger prawn and Squid
Deep fried tiger prawns and squid, citrus fruit crust, wasabi mayonnaise,
tomato, courgette and fennel salad
Salmon gravadlax
Salmon gravadlax cured with mixed fresh herbs and juniper berry,
served on a Salted wae with a lemon avoured mascarpone cream
Pork rillette
Coarse terrine of slow cooked shredded pork with garlic, onion,
mushroom, thyme and brandy. Pomegranate jelly, pistachio vinaigrette
Insalata caprese
Beef tomato, mozzarella espuma, black olive and caper tuile biscuit,
basil and balsamic vinegar dressing, toasted bread
Gnocchi “romaine”
Warm beef cheek cromesquis, tomato and gnocchi gateau,
courgette and aubergine fritters
Vegetarian arancini
Stued rice balls with shitake mushroom, coated in parmesan,
haloumi cheese, red pepper, onion and almond sauce
Carbonade amande
Slowly cooked beef and onion stew with beer, and seasoned
with thyme, spiced bread and mustard
Seafood skewer
Salmon, prawn and pepper skewer, warm potato onion and
olive salad, horseradish cream
Grilled swordsh steak, chorizo butter, green bean, tomato and
shallot salad, pan fried new potatoes
Grilled lamb leg slices, fresh mint sauce, coriander and garlic couscous
Iced coconut and chocolate bar
Chocolate biscuit, coconut and milk set cream, iced coconut parfait,
coated in dark chocolate
Apricot and verbena baba”
Verbena syrup infused baba, vanilla diplomat cream,
roasted and fresh apricots, peach liquor sorbet
Limoncello verrine
Layers of white chocolate panna cotta, vodka and lime mousse,
showbread biscuits, limoncello sorbet
Gateau Basque
Traditional shortcrust pastry cake with a lling of black cherry
and vanilla cream, pistachio ice cream
Péche melba
Poached peach, raspberry purée, vanilla and almond ice cream,
Chantilly cream, roasted almonds
Blanc mange
Fresh goat cheese blanc mange, tomato tartare,
black olive, garlic and caper toast
Taste the season
Lunch 3 courses £20.95 · 2 courses £16.95 · Tue-Sat
Dinner 3 courses £29.95 · 2 courses £25.95 · Tue-Fri
Seafood risotto
Vénéré rice risotto avoured with fennel, clams cooked with
Chardonnay wine, parsley, garlic
Cucumber and crab gazpacho
Iced cucumber and Greek yogurt soup topped with grilled crab
and espelette chilli powder
Mini duck breast burger
Poppy seed bun, marinated duck with ginger, soy sauce, coriander
and lemon grass, onion and balsamic vinegar marmalade
Tomato farcie
Roasted tomatoes lled with fresh goat cheese avoured with
white true oil and chive, seasonal green leaves
Veal and pork terrine
Layered veal and pork terrine avoured with green olive,
Port and Armagnac, grated horseradish condiment
Rabbit thigh “Provençale”
Slowly cooked boneless rabbit thigh, sun dried tomato, black olive,
garlic, herby mash
Roast llet of mackerel, pan fried potatoes and spring onion salad,
red onion cream
Fresh tagliatelle, black olive, baby tomatoes, feta cheese,
coriander, pine kernel, olive oil and balsamic dressing
Grilled llet of seabass, bourbon vanilla white wine
and shallot sauce, vitelotte potatoes
calf liver
Pan fried Dutch calf liver, onion and raspberry sauce, mash potatoes
Cherry clafoutis
Roasted so cherry covered with a thick an batter
flavoured with kirsch, prune liquor sorbet
Chocolate Tropezienne
Chocolate cream lled brioche with grapefruit, pearl sugar
Yogurt, violette and gures sphere
Goat milk yogurt espuma, cont of gs honey and violets,
swiss meringue, on a daquoise base, g sorbet
Fresh strawberry tart
Fresh strawberry, pistachio cream on a Breton shortcrust pastry,
strawberry and basil sorbet
Layers of coconut and chia seed pudding, oat and hazelnut crumble,
fresh fruit medley all served in a glass